21 February, 2011

Using up those magazines

Looking at the stack of old magazines that I had ploughed through, part of me said "Just chuck them in the recycling bin!".  Another part said "What could you do with these?"  So this is the list that I made:
  1. Using it to wrap breakable things for packing - it sure beats the carbon that is left behind from the newspapers we usually use.  Much cleaner in my opinion!
  2. Shredding it and using it as stuffing in wrapping presents - cheaper than using new colored paper.
  3. Make disposable boxes - very useful for messy craft times and dinners with loads of cast offs e.g. crab eating sessions
  4. Make paper chains - fast and easy decoration for parties and the like
  5. Origami - endless possibilities!
  6. Make paper beads - the kids love it for stringing or playing.  Their imagination is the limit!
  7. Make paper dolls - I love cheap toys that allow children to use their imagination.  Can you tell?
  8. Make collages - I remember doing this when I was in Primary school!
  9. Paper basket weaving - great as containers!
  10. Paper boxes - it can look nicer than you think!
Hopefully, I'll be able to put up some photos of the above projects (if I get to do them!) over time with instructions.  Watch this space!

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