25 February, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

I'm not sure about you but I'm a sucker for beauty free samples.  Not that I actually end up using them most times.  It's just the thought of getting something free that really makes me excited and results in me buying more things (read: probably unnecessary things) just to get enough points to get something free!

Now that's probably not a good method of money management, even if it makes the merchants very happy.  The bottom line is that you have spent more than you had originally set out to.  So I've decided to save me some money!  Here's the plan:
  1. Sort through all my samples: 
  2. Chuck out anything that looks or smells dodgy, is past the expiration date or I definitely wouldn't use (e.g. foundation that isn't my color).
  3. Categorize to product type and arrange according to expiry date (or at least as chronologically as I possibly can.)
  4. Not buy any product unless I've finished what I have in hand.
  5. Be really disciplined and avoid the same trap again.

I've gone through the last month using just samples and I still have this much left.  There's definitely a lot less clutter around the toilet and I have the satisfaction of watching the pile dwindle.  I've also definitely saved at least $50 on products so far.  Once I finish the samples, I'll share with you my plan with the full sized items!

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