15 February, 2011

The Great Magazine Purge

I figured that starting out with something somewhat fun and easy would jumpstart Mission SOS more easily. So I went round the house and collected all the magazines lying around and placed it in a pile next to my comfy chair. Then I collected my tools and put it in a little box so that I had everything when I needed it: a pen, post-its to flag pages, scissors (I can't seem to find my penknife under all the mess right now and refuse to buy more things!) and some paper clips.

The game plan was to flip through the magazines and tag the articles that I want to keep. Then I'll cut them out and then file them. It's been going well – I've found it a relaxing way to wind down and pictures of pretty homes and things never fails to cheer me up.

As you can see, I've given up with using the scissors and am tearing the pages out instead! Right now, I'll just put everything into a pocket file and leave it first while I think up of a filing system. It's nice to see the pile shrinking even if it is a tad slowly...

Next on the list is to figure out what filing system I should use for the articles and how to make use of the remaining magazine papers!

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