07 September, 2011

Angry Bird

A good friend's kids are Angry Bird mad. But looking around here, who doesn't seem to be? Their birthday was coming up and I had a crafting itch that HAD to be scratched. So a quick mini project that took me just an evening.
Using my felt stash (which is so big - I don't really know why), googly eyes and pom poms (All from Daiso). I packed a little Angry Bird kit.

Wrapped it with my extensive ribbon and wrapping paper stash (again, how did it ever get so big?!) All ready to be delivered to the birthday kiddos.
P.S. According to mum, they loved it. (With photos to prove) But I can't post that here.


  1. My four year old is obsessed with making "real life Angry Birds" out of everything. He is going to flip out, and I am going to love NOT having wooden balls crashing around the house. Brilliant.

  2. My nephew grabs my phone from me and yells "Birdies" at least five times a day! We'll have to make these little guys. :)